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Thomas Anstett teaches seminars on how to analyze the Face, Tongue and Fingernails based on 5,000 years of Chinese medical history. In conjunction with his former classes on Iridology, we now have assessment tools for genetic tendencies, as seen in the iris of the eyes, acute tendencies, as can be observed on the tongue, chronic assessments for health as seen on the fingernails and face physiognomy which can indicate all of the above. He has produced DVDís on analyzing the Face, Tongue and Nails with multiple examples of each. His Iridology DVDís show hundreds of photographs of iris colors and markings indicating genetic tendencies and possibilities in the organs and systems of the body. These educational DVDís are excellent tools which will enable you to triangulate information of an individual to make accurate health assessments.

Thomas Anstett, ND, LMT, CNHP
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