Pure Herbs

Highest Quality Liquid Herbs

This is a MLM company and costs $35.00 to become a member - it is really simple to get started. There are no minimum purchases or quotas to maintain your Independent Distributorship. Your $35.00 distributorship is good for one (1) full year. It costs $20.00 to renew your distributorship each year.

You can visit the Pure Herbs website and download the application yourself or call Pure Herbs to have them fax you a copy (800 860-4372). Please use our distributor number, 11403 in the Sponsors Name field. Just read the distributor Application Agreement, fill it out, then send it by mail or fax back to the company.

Allegany Nutrition

Simply the most potent enzyme formulas on the market

Call and speak with David
Toll Free 800-587-9061

View the comparison chart on this website
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This is not a MLM company

Gaia Herbs ~ bought through Natural Partners

Call (888) 633-7620
I buy their Professional Solutions line of encapsulated herbs - highest of quality

Complete Ascentials

angstrom sized magnesium - 100% absorption, no effects on the colon

Become a Nature's Sunshine member and buy direct

Visit the NSP website read over the information and select the "Yes, I'd like To Become A Member" choice. You will be given the opportunity to select at least $40.00 worth of products. After selecting your products proceed to the checkout and you will need to fill out the Distributor application. Please enter our membership number, 759386-1 when asked for a Sponsor Number entry.


Call 1-800-453-1422 with your order for an instant membership. Tell them the sponsor is Tom & Fran Anstett and our membership number is 759386-1. Just give them the stock# of the products you want and how many you want and they will repeat the order with the name of the product. You will need a credit card for this.