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This DVD set focuses on the practical application of iris analysis and interpretation. It includes all color, structure and markings with over 300 slides of iris photographs and information. This DVD will explore the deeper Wholistic levels of Iris signs and markings. Emotional aspects will be covered as well as genetic implications. The DVD will revisit traditional information and explore the latest clinical work from Europe. There will be in-depth coverage of the collarette, stress rings, lacuna types, pigments, pupil tonus etc. along with herbal and flower essence support.

This 60+ minute Muscle Testing DVD covers:

  • How to muscle test
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Exercises for practicing
  • Different ways to muscle test
  • All the body test points
  • How to set up an Herbal program
  • Additional applications for muscle testing
  • How to calibrate levels of energy or consciousness
This 2 DVD set contains information basd on ancient Chinese studies. You will see hundreds of photographic examples with voice overlays to explain what you are viewing and to give you inerpretation.
2 DVD Set – Iridology 1
2 DVD Set – Iridology 2

60+ minute
Muscle Testing DVD

2 DVD Set
Tongue, Face, Nail Analysis


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Iridology lens Herb Kit    

2.4 inches wide round lens with protective ring. Set up specifically for Iridology. Ideal optical length is 2" from the client's eye and approximately 12" from your eye. Comes with a cloth carry case.

It contains 64 single and combination herbs in 1/8 ounce amber glass bottles. They are labeled and organized by body systems. One layer does have an additional row of 4 empty bottles for you to customize and fill with your favorite product that might not be included in the kit. You will receive a carrying case, 2 wooden (poplar) shelves with hand drilled holes to hold the bottles, a laminated layout for each level, a list of all 64 herbs or combinations in alphabetical order with a brief description of historical uses, a page listing all organs and systems and suggested herbs to use in the kit. A cross reference page listing the herbs which are highest in each vitamin and mineral is also included.    
Iridology Viewing Lens
Pure Herbs Liquid Herb Test Kit
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