EP - Energy Potpourri

There has been a strong paradigm shift within the world of “Wholistic” therapies; energy work has come to the forefront! A potpourri is a collection of various things or ideas. In this class energy modalities are the mixture. This seminar will give us a better understanding of utilizing the body’s energy for self-healing. A focus of the class will be on Acupressure techniques (using dowels) to tap into the acupuncture points along the meridians. We will learn a stress reduction technique, discuss the assemblage point of the body and also learn how to release trapped emotions. We will lightly touch on aspects of the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help using our hands and fingers as jumper cables to help harmonize the body. Usually, if time allows, we will have a round table open forum discussion.

TFN - Tongue, Face and Fingernail Analysis

Drawing from traditional Chinese Medicine, this class will analysis the tongue, face and fingernails. You will learn how markings and signs relate to the body's systems, organs and glands. These valuable tools will give you ready information that will allow you quick and easy assessment. We will evaluate markers on the genetic, chronic and acute levels. If you see one marker or indicator by itself, it means little. However, if you tie together three or more signs, you begin to triangulate the information.

WHA - Art of Wholistic Health Assessment

In this seminar you will learn how to have a better understanding of the story as it unfolds, utilizing information from the tongue, face, fingernails, iris, pulses and other symptomology. We will also discuss stress and the body's adaptability to handle stress, the "ultimate root cause of all root causes". We will further explore the Five Element Theory (Laws of Nature), based on ancient Chinese medicine. This will help you to understand behavioral, emotional and physical characteristics of an individual.

IR - Iridology and more

Enlisting the latest European Iridology methods, as well as the traditional Jensonian American Iridology method, this seminar will focus on the practical application of iris analysis and interpretation. There will be hands on time to view live eyes plus 120 slides will be presented. All body systems and organs will be discussed along with herbs to nourish and support.

JSJ - Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self Help

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient Japanese Art of harmonizing the life energy in the body to promote homeostasis and optimal health. Our bodies contain energy pathways, which may become blocked due to stress and tension. A stagnation of life energy to the cells can occur causing discomfort and even pain. Through the Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self Help class you will learn how to harmonize and balance yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. In this class you will learn the art of this ancient practice, using your fingers and hands to eliminate stress, relieve pain and balance acute and chronic health issues. You will use your fingers and hands as "jumper cables" to awaken and stimulate the innate wisdom of the body, therefore facilitating its own healing capacity.

MRT - Muscle Response Testing

This course will bring you information on all aspects of "Muscle Response Testing" (MRT). Focus will be on all aspects of MRT with hands-on practice identifying imbalances in body systems, organs and glands. We will muscle test different food groups, colors, images and levels of consciousness. We will also learn emotional release and other various tools to be used with muscle testing.

CON - Consultations

Consultation seminar will present discussion on all aspects of conducting consultations. How to incorporate MRT information, intake forms, other visual aspects and how to put it all together. Suggestions for possible changes in a client's diet, lifestyle and supplements will be evaluated. The class will also discuss topics ranging from advertising, insurance, locations, and other business aspects. This seminar will empower you to start your consultation practice or help to refine your existing consultations.